Annick deGooyer, BScPT.  Certified in Acupuncture, Certificate in Vestibular Rehabilitation (2019)

Originally from Yarmouth, NS, Annick graduated from Dalhousie University in 1987 and worked at the NS Rehabilitation Centre in Halifax for 10 years, serving as the Supervisor of Orthopedics, and the Director of Physiotherapy for her last two years.  In 1996, Annick traveled to Kuwait, where she spent 2 years as a member of the Kuwait-Dalhousie Physiotherapy Project, teaching Kuwaiti Physiotherapists.  In 1999, she re-located to Kelowna working at Pinnacle Physiotherapy.  She was subsequently a co-owner of the Pinnacle clinics until the sale in 2012 and after 20 years of the practice on the west side, made the move to Kelowna to join Orchard Chiropractic & Physiotherapy in 2019.

Annick has experience in treating sprains, strains, fractures, arthritis, pre and post-surgery, work injuries, motor vehicle accident injuries, and most everything in between! Annick has a special interest and has had extensive training in vestibular therapy, the treatment of vestibular disorders resulting in vertigo, dizziness, and/or imbalance.  She holds a Certificate in Vestibular Rehabilitation through Emory University in Atlanta, and uses an infrared goggle system to do a thorough assessment of patients who are experiencing dizziness or vertigo.  She has also used acupuncture as an adjunct to her physiotherapy treatments for many years.

Outside the Office

A former competitive runner, Annick was a Canadian national team member, Canadian women’s Cross-Country Champion in 1990, and was named female athlete of the year both in high school and at Dalhousie University. An ardent believer that movement keeps us young, Annick runs, bikes, skis, swims, kayaks, hikes, and does yoga.  And to keep her brain tuned up, she plays clarinet in the Kelowna City band.

Annick is a former chair of the College of Physical Therapists of BC and currently sits on the Board of Examiners.