Confidence Level is High

I just moved to Kelowna this summer and have had to start over in so many ways including finding a new chiropractor. After my first visit with Dr. Bortolon I knew I’d found my new chiropractor. He’s great as are the staff in the main office. My confidence level is high with the service I’m getting and it’s part of what’s making me feel more at home in my new community.

~Don S.

I am so happy!

I love Marcia, I have seen her several times at her previous place of employment and when I discovered she was no longer there I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to find her, but I Googled her name and it showed up at Orchard Chiropractic & Physiotherapy. I am so happy! She is wonderful!!! The reception staff and others who I have dealt with are all so friendly and efficient, I would highly recommend anyone to come here!

~Debra N.

Above and Beyond

I am very grateful to Marcia and the team at Orchard Chiropractic and Physiotherapy for fitting me into their already booked schedule for immediate attention. Above and beyond amazing on all counts and because of Marcia’s extensive experience and expertise and Jasmine’s stretching instruction, I am seeing very quick improvement. Doesn’t get any better than this!!

~Susan G.

Best Experience

The girls were so friendly, helpful, and understanding. Best experience I’ve had with a physiotherapist!! Marcia is super. Thank you!

~Lynda B.

Not Felt This Good For So Long

For over 10 yrs I have seen the same Chiropractor he does 3 moves and I’m done in 4 min. I have suffered with continual pain and pinched nerves, tight back and neck and it is constant. I walked out and my pain is 95% gone I can move my head up and look up to the sky for the first time in forever with no tightness ….he spent so much time and mixing chiro massage and pressure points! I have not felt this good for so long I can’t even remember so happy thank you!! See you soon!

~Christine C.

A huge bouquet, my issue was resolved!

A huge bouquet, my issue was resolved! Along with information for preventative maintenance. Thank you so much!

~Belva B.

Look Forward To Improving With Each Treatment

I was very pleased with my first visits with Dr. Barnett and have already referred him to someone I met with similar issues to mine. Thank you for listening long enough to figure out that I actually had more than one problem. I look forward to improving with each treatment.

~Sharon C.

Seeing Great Results

As a patient with multiple issues that needed to be addressed I have been dealing with pain for a while. I felt reluctant to seek chiropractic care as I am much more comfortable with other treatments like massage, physio, and acupuncture. Dr. Barnett and his staff have put me at ease and I feel very comfortable walking into their clinic. Dr. Barnett has helped me to understand the ailments I have and has gently walked me through very helpful treatments. I have seen great results in three visits and we are working together to space them farther apart as time goes. I recommend this clinic very highly.

~Brenda W.

Sincere Interest

“My practitioner took what I thought to be a genuine and sincere interest in explaining my problem and in explaining the procedure he was taking to help relieve my symptoms.”

~Stan L.

Fantastic Service

“Fantastic service a very fun experience.”

~Brad T.

Attention To Detail

“I’m excited to have become a part of your clinic and look forward to seeing my potential to increase overall health through chiropractic. I appreciate the attention to detail when being assessed for imbalances. I know I’m in good hands!”

~Susie P.

Traveling Extremity Pain Gone

“I went to see Dr. Barnett due to a pain in my hand that would travel up my arm when I applied weight to it. It caused me concern when it got to the point where I had difficulty opening a jar of peanut butter and had to wear a brace to work just to get through the day. Dr. Barnett was very thorough with a whole body assessment and with his work on my wrist and hand. Within about 3 visits I was almost back to 100%!! It was a fantastic experience and I learned which stretches I needed to be doing at home as well as what was causing my discomfort.”

Even though I went to Dr. Barnett with only my hand in mind he found other areas that needed work and exceeded my expectations I may have had. He is very attentive and made me feel like I was not just another patient, but that I was a person and my concerns were important. I had previous experience with another chiropractor who tried to put me on an expensive plan for a whole year, and didn’t address any of the issues that Dr. Barnett found in a fifteen minute appointment! Dr. Barnett was very straight forward with me and monitored my progress until we reached a place where I could handle most of it from home. I am very excited and even more confident in referring people to his office and am very thankful.”

~Jessica Wenger

Pain Free After Treating Planter Fasciitis

“I suffered greatly with Plantar Fasciitis for over a year. My son suggested I try his chiropractor Dr. Jeff Barnett at the Orchard Chiropractic and Wellness Clinic. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Dr. Jeff discussed and explained my problem and set up a treatment plan consisting mostly of Active Release (ART) therapy. I am now walking free of pain after eight sessions. It’s like a miracle. I can’t speak highly enough of the treatment I received from Dr. Jeff Barnett.”

~ Beverly W. (80 years young), Kelowna, BC

With Chiropractic & Encouragement, Half Marathon Goal Reached

“Dr. Jeff is an integral member of my health care team. I met Dr. Jeff while training for a half marathon and quickly became educated in the importance of achieving proper alignment through regular adjustments in his care. His treatments and suggestions for practice worked synergistically to restore my body to optimal health. Not only did Dr. Jeff help me attain my goal, he was there to encourage me all along the way. The beauty of Dr. Jeff’s care is consistency, because over time, he was able to address the more subtle and chronic problems that had been ‘locked’ in my body. Dr. Jeff is gentle, compassionate and one of my most favourite people on the planet! He is not only incredibly talented in chiropractic medicine; he has the sweetest and most encouraging bed-side manner.”

~ Joanie Mortenson, Kelowna, BC

Unlike Any Other Chiropractor I’ve Met

“Dr. Jeff Barnett is extremely passionate about his work and it shows. He is very pro-active in his treatment with you. Unlike other professionals that I’ve dealt with in the chiropractic field he sincerely wants your health to improve to the point where he only needs to see you for maintenance or on an as-needed basis. I do not know of any other chiropractor that takes the time that Jeff does in order to get you on the path to health and wellness. He is THAT amazing at what he does! ”

~ Janice L.

Compassionate Chiropractic Partnership Eases Trauma

“Dr. Jeff Barnett has made the world of difference in my life. Dr. Barnett is an outstanding health care professional who provided me with not only excellent chiropractic care, but with compassionate and healing attention to an acute trauma situation. Combining active release techniques with adjustments and his healing presence, I felt supported to work through a traumatic incident. Dr. Barnett allowed me to direct his care at my comfort, which made all the difference. He demonstrated authentic and genuine care each visit, and provided me with the strength and courage I needed to deal with the trauma appropriately. I don’t believe I would have recovered as quickly or as comprehensively without his care and guidance. I am forever grateful.”

~ Name withheld for privacy

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