Many different styles and types of orthotics can be designed in order to alleviate various types of pain in the feet, knees, hips and lower back. These can range from soft flexible types to very rigid types. It is important to have your foot and shoes properly evaluated prior to getting orthotics.

What to Expect

Along with your detailed health history, our thorough biomechanical assessment will determine the type of orthotic best suited to your needs.

We then take a semi-weightbearing 3D impression of your feet using foam casting. The casts of your feet, along along with your biomechanical assessment and order form, are sent to a professional and reputable lab where your orthotics are fabricated to your unique specifications.

How do Orthotics Work?

Orthotics work to support and re-position your feet. Like eye-glasses, they help us while we are wearing them. When we remove the orthotics, they rarely change our feet at all. Orthotics allow us to maintain our lifestyle and activities, while reducing the symptoms.

Orthotics are often prescribed as a method of treatment for an injury. Orthotics will help you to recover from the injury. Once the injury has healed, orthotic use should continue, in order to prevent the injury from recurring.

SOLE Products Available

SOLE Platinum Sandals

sole_platinum_sandalsTired of sore, achy feet after a day wearing your unsupportive flip flops? Then try on a pair of SOLE Platinum Sandals!

SOLE Platinum Sandals are premium, wear moldable, orthopedic flips.

Wear them all day without any pain or fatigue.

They come in men’s and woman’s sizes in a variety of stylish colours.

SOLE Platinum Sandals come with a 30-day “Truth in Comfort” money-back guarantee. Stop by our office and try them on for yourself. Your feet will thank you!

SOLE Custom Footbeds

Sole_InsolesTo help improve lower limb function and your postural alignment, we often recommend supportive orthotics and insoles for your footwear.

We are proud to now offer our patients SOLE Custom Footbeds, the next generation of insoles.

Unlike most generic insoles, SOLE Custom Footbeds are heat moldable to conform to the unique shape of your feet. Having this type of support and added cushioning helps prevent foot fatigue, improves balance and alignment, while enhancing performance and endurance.

They are a fantastic adjunct to your chiropractic, physiotherapy or massage treatments!

All SOLE Custom Footbeds have a 90 day “Truth in Comfort” money-back guarantee. We carry 3 lines of SOLE Custom Footbeds including the Slim Sport, Ultra Softec, and the Dean Karnazes Signature Edition. Talk to one of our health professionals to find out if SOLE Custom Footbeds are right for you!

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