Have you been injured in an Auto Accident?  Get the treatment you need to recover in one convenient place.  Did you know that effective April 1, 2019 there have been significant changes to lCBC legislation?  These have resulted in patients being able to access more types of care more easily, and without the financial burden of paying out of pocket.  If you have been in a motor vehicle accident after April 1, 2019 you are no longer required to get a doctor’s referral to begin rehabilitation services such as physiotherapy, chiropractic, registered massage therapy, kinesiology and clinical counselling. In the past there were user fees associated with these services, but the amount paid by ICBC has gone up significantly with these changes, so you will also not be required to pay a user fee.

Here at Orchard Chiropractic and Physiotherapy we are happy to offer ICBC patients chiropractic care, physiotherapy, registered massage therapy and kinesiology. Our practitioners will assess your injuries and create a care plan designed specifically for you.  We work closely together as a team and are therefore able to work with you and one another to ensure your rehabilitation is focussed on what you need to get better and back to doing what is important to you.

For the first 12 weeks after your crash, you can get treatment with the following health care practitioners for the number of treatments below:

​Type of practitioner: ​Number of approved treatments:
Physiotherapist ​25
Chiropractor ​25
Registered massage therapist ​12
Kinesiologist ​12
Psychologist ​12
Clinical counsellor ​12
Acupuncturist ​12

If your accident was prior to April 1, 2019 the number of approved visits may differ from the list above, but approved treatments will be covered, again with no user fee.  You will need to speak with your ICBC claim representative for approval.

For more information on seeking medical care and treatment after a motor vehicle accident, visit https://www.icbc.com/claims/injury/Pages/medical-care-treatment.aspx, or contact us directly for more information.