Therapeutic Massage Vs. Relaxation Massage

The word “therapeutic” implies actually trying to create a change in the body. Massage therapy is a great adjunct to chiropractic care and physiotherapy, which addresses the fascia and different muscle adhesions, as opposed to simply bringing relaxation.

Massage therapy helps restore mobility and balance, helps restricted muscles and soft tissues to open up, and makes your chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments that much more powerful.

Who Benefits From Massage?

Everyone can benefits from massage therapy, in their own respect. Some people have a lot of postural tension because they perform repetitive work. Seniors, pregnant women, and people who have trouble tolerating chiropractic adjustments especially see a lot of benefits when using massage therapy as a complement to chiropractic care.

What We Offer

Our therapists are skilled in the following massage techniques and methods:

  • Deep tissue
  • Myofascial Release
  • Trigger point work
  • Maternity care
  • Sports injury massage

Massage Fees

All massage fees include tax:

  • Half hour massage – $70
  • 45-minute massage – $95
  • One Hour massage – $115

First Things First

When you arrive for a massage therapy appointment, remember to arrive clean and comfortable. Before your massage, the therapist will perform an assessment including:

  • A review of your completed health history form
  • Talking about your health goals
  • And listening to your current complaints

At Orchard Chiropractic & Physiotherapy, our massage therapists are highly skilled and professional. Call our Kelowna office for an appointment.